Customer Wishlist Program Launches

Customer Wishlist Program Launches

Here at Brickstuff, we work hard every day to create the most amazing light, sound, motion, and video products we can think of—all with the goal of making your models more awesome than you ever imagined they could be.

When it comes to enhancing your models and sets, we know you have more product and brand choices today than ever.  You can find light kits for almost any LEGO® set on Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon, and other sites for $20 or less.  We’re not in the business of creating “just another light kit,” which is why we only invest time and research to create a Brickstuff Premium Kit when we feel we have features to offer that you can’t find anywhere else.  This may be the biggest difference between Brickstuff and the other companies out there: we’ll never have Premium Kits for every LEGO® set, but the Premium Kits we do offer will be unlike anything you can get anywhere else.  That’s our pledge to you.

Our customers already know this, but we’re a small company.  Like, really small.  There are just three of us working hard in our Minnesota, USA HQ to create, assemble, pack, ship, and support more than 200 products.  Because we want to make sure every customer has a great experience, there is a limit to the number of Premium Kits we can offer for sale at any given time.

We receive e-mail requests almost daily from customers requesting a Premium Kit for various LEGO® sets.  And with LEGO® releasing new sets at a faster pace than ever before, these requests pile up quickly!  We’d love to be able to address every one and create a kit, but we simply can’t do it with our limited time and staff.

Taking inspiration from the IDEAS program created years ago by LEGO®, today we’re launching the Brickstuff Customer Wishlist Program.  This will allow customers interested in seeing us create a Premium Kit for a specific LEGO® set to show their support by agreeing to make a one-time support pledge payment (currently $50) after 50 messages of support have been received on the Wishlist Community Page for the requested set.

We’ll allow up to six months for 50 messages of support to be received.  Interested customers can reply to the topic for the set they’re interested in on the Wishlist Community Page, and add any feature requests they may have.  We think the best Premium Kits are created taking customer feedback into consideration, so don’t be shy with your feature requests when pledging your support!

If we receive 50 messages of support before the end of the six-month period, we’ll approve the project for further evaluation.  During the next 4-6 weeks, we’ll look in depth at feature requests and see how many we can implement in a reasonably-priced Premium Kit.  We’ll then set a retail price, and reply to each supporter with the feature list and price.  We’ll also send a PayPal invoice at that time to collect their $50 support payment.  By making this payment, customers will be committing to purchase the kit when it becomes available—as a result, support payments are non-refundable.

If we don’t receive 50 support messages in the six-month period, unfortunately we will be unable to move forward with the project.

If we do receive 50 support messages, but less than 50 support payments after sending PayPal invoices, unfortunately we will be unable to move forward, and all support payments received will be refunded.

If we receive at least 50 payments, we’ll move forward with set design and production!  We’ll create an e-mail group for all supporters, and we’ll keep in touch during kit development with updates and estimated completion/shipping dates.

When kits are ready, we’ll send coupon codes worth $50 to each supporter, to compensate them for their early support pledge, and customers can then use the coupon to receive a discount when purchasing their kit on our website.

This is a new program for us, kind of a combination of IDEAS and Kickstarter.  We think it allows us to gauge interest in new kits for our team to focus on creating, and it also gives us a way to let customers directly shape our product roadmap as well as the features for new Premium Kits.  It’s different from the approach taken by the other companies, but then no other company creates the kind of Premium Kit experience we do at Brickstuff.

If you have an idea you'd like to contribute, head on over to the New Product Ideas Community page and make a new post with your request.  You'll be asked to create a new account if you don't already have one in our Community site.

As always, thank you for your support and ideas—keep ‘em coming!