LEGO Welder QuickKit Guide

Product Guide: Welding QuicKit with Effect Controller, LEDs, and Welder Minifigure


This guide describes how to set up your own working LEGO welder using the Brickstuff Welding QuicKit.  The kit includes the following parts:
  1. Genuine LEGO® welder minifigure with helmet and welding torch
  2. One 6-output Lighting Effect Controller (LEC) with welding effects
  3. Two Pico LED lights: one in cool white color (for the welding torch) and one in warm white color (for the part being welded).  You can add up to four additional Pico LED lights (not included) to get sparking effects synchronized with the welding effect.
  4. One 3xAAA battery pack with on/off switch (batteries not included)
With the exception of the three AAA batteries, everything you need is included with your kit.


To use the kit, take the two Pico LED lights and connect them to the included lighting effect controller.  The cool white LED light should be connected to output #1 of the controller, and the warm white LED light should be connected to output #2 of the controller as shown in the diagram below:

You can tell the warm white LED light because it has a white round circuit board:

The cool white LED light has a black round circuit board:

Once you have connected the two included LED lights to outputs #1 and #2 on the effect controller as shown above, you can connect the battery pack to the "PWR IN" plug on the effect controller (see the red arrow in the illustration of the effect controller, above).  Add batteries, turn the power switch on, and your welding effects should start!

You can wrap the wires for the cool white LED light around the welding torch, with the LED light itself being at the tip of the torch.  We've found that twisting the wires around the torch stem is enough to hold it in place.  You can tuck the wires under the arm of your welder minifig, or depending on how you set up your scene, you can run the wires for the welding torch between the minifig's legs.

Once welding begins, it will continue for a random time of between five and 20 seconds.  Then the welding will pause for a random period of time (by default, 1-2 seconds), and then it will start again.

When welding is active, the warm white LED light will glow.  When welding stops, the warm white LED light will dim and then turn off.  This light is meant to represent the material being welded, so it gets "hot" (turns on) when welding is taking place and "cools" (turns off) when welding is done.  You can attach this light at the end of a transparent color LEGO lightsaber blade or bar part to simulate a piece of hot metal, or you can attach the light under any other transparent color LEGO part.


The effect controller included with your kit has a number of settings that you can change.  This is not necessary to begin enjoying the kit right out of the box, but if you want to dive into these advanced settings, you can read the full guide for the effect controller:

This advanced guide also discusses how you can connect up to four additional Pico LED lights (not included with your Welding QuicKit) to outputs #3-#6 on your effect controller to simulate "sparks" that trigger randomly while welding is active.  This is yet another way you can enhance your welding display.


Thank you for purchasing this Brickstuff product!  Your support means a lot to our small, family business, and it allows us to wake up every morning and continue doing the work we love: making really cool things to take your models to the next level!

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